Candace Payne Breaks The Internet Webs!

It's been a bit of a crazy week social networking wise, the Internet has been broken by the wonderful Candace Payne, who is that? You ask.

Well, if you don't know who she is you've obviously been hiding under a rock... or you don't have Internet access. Candace is the Chewbacca mask lady who unboxed said mask in her car, filmed it for her friends on Facebook live and it blew up... and I mean really blew up as I write this I think it's up to 150 million views and it's growing and growing.

When I watched it, I think it was at a couple of million, I was in tears , laughing like proper lolling! At the get go you know you're going to like this lady, her persona is just amazing and when she puts the mask on it is Joy, she is a Joy Spreader.

I thought to myself, I'd like to give Candace something back, make her laugh too, so I created the this comic strip and hashtagged it with #chewbaccamasklollady , one of her friends saw it and tagged her into the comments and then she shared it! Thank you that friend .

And in the words of Candace O- M - Goodness! 

People started liking my page, I've gone from 400 to over 2k!

That is amazing, and I am so grateful to her and all the people who have liked my page as a small business starting out, it's hard to get your name out and about and that one share has changed things.

We're getting orders in for comic strips and we're making people happy.

We've got people sharing stories for competitions, hilarious stories might I add.

It's really good, so once again I say thank you Candace Payne you deserve all the good things that are coming to you!




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