Good night Mr Lee.

I’m driving home listening to The Beastie Boys Audio book, my phone flashes a twitter notification, I see a name and next to it I see RIP. 
it’s Stan Lee. 
I’m gutted.
The words from the audio book that I was really getting into become nothing but muffle, my last thoughts on the audio book as I take it in are, “Ad-Rock’s got a Silver Surfer tattoo” 
Stan Lee has gone. 
Stan Lee created some of the most iconic comic book characters of all time my favourite being Spider-Man.
 As a kid I was obsessed, I’d draw webbing on red marigold gloves, I found a a 12 inch figure Spider-Man costume at a park  ,  so I took it home and put in on action man. It wasn’t really Spider-Man though, so I found a red balloon and wrapped it over his head and drew webbing over it and those big Spidey eyes.
In school, we had to perform an action round the hall for PE.  Kids were horse trotting, being builders, police men and there was me shooting webs and swinging through the air.
“Are you Tarzan?” The teacher would ask.
“No, I’m Spider-Man”
I loved to draw , I bought the Marvel Way to Draw, I even persuaded my mum to buy me the Try Out book , convinced her that if I sent it off with my drawings in I could work in comics . Even though I had no grasp of anatomy , perspective or the fundamentals of sequential art.
You made me love comics.
Tomorrow myself and 13 other artists will be showcasing our comic art work in Birmingham. 
It’s sad that I’ll never get to meet you, you’ll never get to see my art , but if you can read this on the heaven internet or what ever they have up there. I just want to say thank you for bringing joy to me and millions of other true believers.
RIP Stan Lee

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