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Good night Mr Lee.

Good night Mr Lee.

I’m driving home listening to The Beastie Boys Audio book, my phone flashes a twitter notification, I see a name and next to it I see RIP.  it’s Stan Lee.  I’m gutted. The words from the audio book that I was really getting into become nothing but muffle, my last...

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My top 10 Toys, What was your favourite?

My top 10 Toys, What was your favourite?

I never I’d give up toys...I did in the end but I still remember them fondly.Here are ten toys, that have stuck in my mind.1/Evil Kenevil   Evil Kenevil was a must for any 80's kid, it came with a what I can only describe as a windy uppy red...

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Hiya my name's Okse, but you knew that anyway.

Welcome to my website a place where you can get in touch with me regarding commissions.

This is also a place where you can purchase comic book covers, comic strips, pet portraits ... All manner of Oksefied goods.

Have a browse in the navigation bars above, it's pretty cool.


I've always been able to draw, I can't remember a time where I couldn't , I even remember the first time being praised for a drawing, it was a deep sea diver with goggles , it was pretty good it had all the correct breathing apparatus and huge flippers. You should have seen the sea weed floating round him too, I don't wish to brag but it was so good whenever there was need to draw sea weed I was always the first port of call.

I used to love sitting in class doodling, to be honest I should have been more focused on the lesson but that's what goes on when you're a creative. Thank you Mr Hayden for encouraging me to draw cartoons in your class and if you're reading this Sir (old habit) you do realise it was an English class!

I studied at Stourbridge Art College in Stourbridge (hence the name) I learned quite a who am at kidding, it was the most confusing time in my life, tutors who would have conflicting views. "You haven't shaded that negative space correctly " what!? I do understand negative space now. Not to worry dear reader.

Anyway I later proceeded on to work in the games industry working on racing titles for Lego and also the Bafta award winning Sydney 2000! I've still got a picture of me holding it, I'd post it up but it's not the most flattering pic. I am a bit porky and I'd likely eat up all your bandwidth!

In 2005 I left the industry (redundancy) and was kind of at a loss of what to do, a good friend of mine Adey said 'why not have a go at painting?" To which I responded "yes, I think I will" I did and it was cool, my first piece was of the late great "Bill Hicks" I decided to focus on comedy icons as I was doing stand up at the time so wanted to combine my two loves comedy and art.

In my first year as a freelance artist I got signed to a publisher and my prints flew off gallery walls. It was quite cool and a boost to the confidence.

I later proceeded on to self represent myself using social networks to market myself , I was even second most viewed plinther on Anthony Gormleys , One and Other instillation , where members of the public could go on the fourth plinth in that fancy London for an hour and do what ever they wanted to do. I passed an hour taking requests and drawing. My Twitter following grew that night. The reason I came second was because a lady got naked!

I'm based in Sunny Leamington Spa and I've produced many pieces for collectors all over the world and also for stars of .stage and screen.

Name drop time

Sarah Millican, Jon Richardson, Jason Manford, Theo Paphitis, Justin Moorehouse, Jason Cook, Robin Ince, John Thomson.

I've also donated works for charity but I don't like to talk about it, but I will do because they're great organisations

If you're a charity and you'd like me to donate some work please do not hesitate to throw me a line.

Here's a list of the products and services I can offer. 

  • Bespoke Comic Strips
  • Commissions
  • Pet Portraits 
  • Prints 
  • T Shirts 
  • Illustration 
  • Logos/Mascots

I also welcome trade enquiries for galleries that would like to sell  my art

if you would like to be part of the Okse Newsletter please fill in the subscription box In the corner. 

You can also follow me on the old social networks in the other corner .

I look forward to creating art for you.