Flick-A-Sketch. Coming Soon!

Many moons ago, I worked in the games industry, where I sat in a room with five artists. Together, we pushed pixels and created beautiful graphics for games that would eventually bring joy to many.

One day, a guy from next door came in, buzzing with excitement at seeing us draw. “Can you draw me something?” he asked eagerly.

We waited for his request, curious despite our busy schedules. Would it be a dragon breathing flames? A cyborg on the battlefield? A wizard casting spells with his staff?

His imagination had the potential to run wild. So, what did he ask for?

“A man on a chair.”

We politely excused ourselves and declined.

But why am I sharing this anecdote?

With a bit more thought, he could have inspired us to create something extraordinary. And I understand—it’s not easy to conjure up creative ideas from thin air.

Now, 25 years later, I’ve been working on a book that solves this very problem. Introducing “Flick-A-Sketch”: a book where you can flick each corner and generate art prompts using character, action, object, and environment. It offers thousands of combinations and serves as a springboard for your imagination.

Yes, there are apps for this, but I wanted to create something tangible—a physical object you could hold, reach into your bag for, give the pages a flick, and begin creating with your favorite sketching tools. Apps are wonderful, but sometimes, we need to divert our eyes from the screens and engage with the world differently.

Every two pages feature a double-page spread: on the left, a space to jot down notes and sketch out thumbnails; on the right, a page to craft your final piece.

“Flick-A-Sketch” will be available on Amazon very soon, and it’s suitable for all creative minds, ages 6 and up.

Stay tuned for the official launch announcement.

In the meantime, hop onto Instagram and follow @FlickaSketch for the latest updates.




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