Creating Cartoon Characters

When I was little one , I loved to draw and doodle my own little characters , I remember making my own little identikits, various noses , eyes , mouths and heads all made from bits of paper crudely cut out.

Characters would have the nose of Tintin with the eyes of Dennis the Menace and a chin like Bananaman (please feel free to Google these characters if you have no idea) I was able to mix these up. Not only did it help me create these funny little cartoons it helped me learn about how cartoon characters were made.

Years later (round about now ) I was chatting to my good pal Chuck and his wife Julia about creating characters within fonts.

So I started to create the Oksdingtings Cartoon Character font pack a series of bits and pieces which allows you to make your own little characters in a hand drawn style.

I started with the heads and then the bodies , then my own font using my own hand writing, props and then finally voice bubbles.

As I was creating them I was taken back to my childhood but without the having to cut paper and without The A-Team playing in the background ( the one with Mr T, yes I am that old) .

I've made the pack available on the shop for all to use at the intro price of £24.99 .
I'll be adding more bonus packs on the store as it grows.

I hope you like the Oksdingtings and that you have a lot of fun with them , be you young or old.

If you create something funny please feel free to post them on your social networks using the hashtag #oksdingtings.

Happy Dingtinging


Oksdingtings available here 

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