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Okse's Recommended Books

Okse's Recommended Books

I get asked if there's any books I can recommend and the answer is "yes, yes I can!" I'm going to recommend you three books that have been very useful to me.

I believe that anyone can draw cartoons, if you can write, you can draw, it's just learning where to put those magical special lines. I've taught folks how to draw a simple cartoon head just using 1, 2 , 3 and 4! But we'll leave that for another blog post.

Animation by Preston Blair 

When I was about 5 my God father, Danny gave me the book Animation by Preston Blair, it's an amazing book that teaches you how to construct characters and it also shows you the fundamentals of animation. Now, as a 6 year old the reading parts did not interest me, I was still kind of learning.

It also taught you about expressions, mouth shapes, hand gestures, it's definitely worth getting hold of a copy.

How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way By Stan Lee and John Buscema.

The next book is How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way . This book shows you how the guys at Marvel does it. It's full of lessons on perspective, character construction, composition , camera angles. John Buscema is a legend in the comic world so you're being guided by one of the best.

it gives you a good list of tools you need to become a comic book artist.

I remember my sister buying this for her then boyfriends little brother for his birthday, he was in the same year as me at school and not being one to spoil a surprise, I told him "I'm not going to tell you what my sister got you for your birthday, but I've read it."

It really helped me learn about anatomy, well the anatomy of a Marvel character.

ive seen it in The Works a few times so if you see it, grab a copy.

Draw Comic Book Action by Lee Garbett

And the final book is " Draw Comic Book Action " by the very talented Lee Garbett. I had the pleasure of working with Lee during my days working in the games industry. He was very good at adapting to any style, one of the best concept artists I've ever met.
Lee's book focuses on the action... hence the title, it's like a modern day HTDCTMW , he shows you what materials to use and also goes down the more technical side too using 'puters , photoshop and that.

He teaches you how to construct characters and shows you great poses and how to put together powerful action shots .

Lee is and always has been great at drawing women too, something that I used to find difficult, so if you find that hard it'll definitely help.

Lee has gathered a nice portfolio working as a comic book artist for Marvel and DC I'm very proud of him, his success is well deserved, proper cool chap.

You can visit Lee's site here to see all things Garbett.

I think whenever reading how to guides, take what's on board and try to adapt your own thing , don't try and be a copy of some one else.

So there you go, three cool books that'll help you on your artistic journey.

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