Off The Mark Comic Anthology

The Art of Okse


Off the Mark is an anthology of short stories, drawn and written by 14 aspiring comic and graphic novel artists.

Each tells a story rooted in or inspired by the creative process and the tools we use.

It's an amazing journey into the visually creative mind, explored through stories as varied as a love story, a pen with no owner, and a distopian future where ink is illegal.

Whether you are into superheroes or sci-fi, manga or indie, we’re sure there will be something you’ll love, something to challenge your preconceptions, and something that could make you try a whole new genre.

We've been brought together by Comic Creative Catalyst - a group founded by John McCrea (Captain America, Deadpool, Hulk, Judge Dredd), Laura Howell (Beano, Dandy, Viz, MAD). Guest tutors have included comic industry legends from all sorts of fields such as Mark Farmer, Dave Gibbons and Asia Alfasi. Along with John and Laura, they have mentored us on the ins and outs of story telling, structure, layout and all aspects of comic books, to help us to develop our own individual styles.

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