The Art of Okse


When I first heard that they were rebooting Dredd my heart sank. I had just got rid of the horrible taste of Stallones Dredd. Now don't get me wrong I love Sly but I love Dredd too and I know that character from years ago. I used to run down the shops to pick up a copy of Jackie and a quarter of strawberry Bon-bons for my sisters and I would get a copy of 2000ad and read his adventures .

Dredd , never took his helmet off and in the reboot Karl Urban never showed his face...if I ever get to meet him I'd give him a high five.

Karl Urban is Dredd.

i loved creating this one as I do with all of them. It's always best to draw stuff you like , it's more fun.

These prints will be signed by the artist.

Size 29.7 x 42.0 Cm 

Paper : 300gsm 

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