The Sunshine Bringers

The Art of Okse



Sunshine Bringers

Uk Artist Okse , revisits a classic scene from Morcambe and Wise 

"Being a kid of the 80s I always looked forward to watching The Morcambe and Wise show, they are up there when it comes to British Comedy.

Eric Morcambe made having glasses fun.

I remember being at an exhibition and a young girl was admiring my picture , I said "Do you like Eric and Ernie?" She was like "no, but I really like it , it reminds me of my late granddad"

This really warmed my heart that an image I painted could bring back memories of her relationship with her grand father."

They are printed on 20 by 14 inch chunky canvas with the option of framing.

These are of as 195 limited edition and will be signed by the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity.. 

 Orders will be completed within 5- 6 working days.



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