NFT's and me

I am now officially an NFT Artist!

Well it's been seven days since I dropped (posted) my first NFT... 

"Okse, Why don't you just say a week!"

Okay, brain, it's been a week since I first NFT.

"That's better, Okse."

Thank you, I'm going to carry on now. I dropped my first one, Mechaniskull Cyan at auction at 0.04 Eth.  It hasn't sold but to be honest I don't mind  I've also done a Magenta, Yellow and Black version and even animated them. I'm pretty pleased how they've turned out, they haven't sold either.

I've also created a Blocktopus... a bio- organic octopus with a belly full of bitcoin and other crypto and the Lion's share a Black and white digital drawing of a lion's head made up of pipes  and vents mingled with crypto. if you'd like to see any of these pieces pop here  

So how did I do all this?

First I created a wallet and bought some Crypto ( Etherium ) to play with.

Once I had the wallet I connected it to Opensea this is a place where you can upload your pieces and get them minted, when you mint an image/animation/music file this then attaches data to said medium and puts it to the Block chain , this is like a certificate of authenticity that the piece you have uploaded is a unique piece. 

"But Okse, if it's a jpeg, surely that can just be copied and and saved to my hard drive, therefor I own that too."

I covered this in my last Blog using the Mona Lisa analogy, just because I can print Leonardo's piece out ( the artist, not the turtle ) it doesn't mean that I own it. the original is in the Louvre, Paris. 

So the answer is, no.

Once you've set your price you can list them either at a buy it now price or you can auction them.

With auctioning if the piece doesn't make the reserve price  ( minimum 1.ETH) you don't have to sell it, people can make you offers and if you choose to take them you cover the gas fees (transaction fee) this can be either good or bad depending on the gas price.

When you list your first collection you will have to pay a start up fee and  gas fees.

"What!? You have to pay, Okse? it's a scam!!!" 

No, it's just a start up fee, in the real world if I was to release a series of prints  of my paintings I'd pay for the initial set up, the photography, colour correction, artists proofs etc. I don't see it as money wasted. Plus you're using their platform to sell.

"Okay, fair enough."

Anyway, story time, during lockdown I thought to myself I can either get depressed about the whole state of the world or I could occupy my mind and learn new skills.

I chose the latter.

learned to create Art Toys. modeling them in 3d, printing them, molding them, and casting them in resin.

It kept me sane, my first toy was Boombox Boy and I launched him on the 13th March 2021, each figure is cast in resin and painted by hand, and has magnetic articulation.

Now that I've joined the NFT space I realised that I could make Boombox Boy into NFT collectable, so that's what I did I created a series of BBB's as pixel art. Each NFT comes with a physical art toy on the first sale. 

I sold 2! 

The transaction was quick as a flash and the money was straight into my wallet. The buyer was a guy called @samjonesart , I've known him since he was 15 and he is an amazing artist so I'm really happy the first two have gone to him. please check him out on Twitter/Instagram the lad has skills.

So as I said I'm all official now.

Onward and upwards

If you're wondering how I learned all this stuff, I learnt it  from youtube, twitter and Clubhouse. The folks on there are great, very transparent with their knowledge and giving out so much positive energy .I've seen some amazing artists on there and it's really great, it feels a very refreshing place where artists promote other artists and everyone is happy for each other when work sells.

 NFT should really stand for Nice Friendly Times.

Anyway time for bed for me, if you'd like to check out the Boombox boys pop to here. Boombox Boys









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