My Thoughts on NFT's

I’ve been learning about NFT’s recently and I want to put down some thoughts on the whole thing.

Am I excited?…read on dear reader, read on.

I remember the first time I was told you can draw on computers I was very nonchalant about it. I was 13 years old and I was sitting in the computer room at school, not that I was interested in computers that’s for nerds! It was my form room and every day I’d have to be there waiting for my teacher to call out my name.

Someone showed me this picture on the screen, I think it was Maggy Thatcher face to face with Reagan. I wasn’t impressed.

“Go on Oxy, have a go” I was Oxy back then not Okse, I was quite happy being Oxy until they brought out that spot cream.

“Just move the mouse”

“What mouse?”

“This” they then proceeded to waggle this grey plastic matchbox about in a Grandmaster flash style and lines came up on the screen.

You’d think that this would blow my mind, it didn’t.

I got the mouse drew a Dennis The Menace face, then exclaimed “That’s shit, I’ll stick to pen and paper”

I left them disheartened with a face like the coder who showed Steve Jobs that you could draw squares on the Mac and was then told to make the corners curved.

I vowed never to touch a computer again as I said earlier nerdsville.

4 years Later, Stourbridge Art College.

“I’ve done a sprite of you?”


“A sprite, it’s for a game”


Words were coming out of my mate Courty’s mouth but I had no idea what he was on about.

He explained that he draws the sprites and animates them and then a coder puts them in a game. I was stunned.

A year later I found myself working for a games company learning how to do game art.

Digital Art

Here we are it’s 2021, I’m sitting at my computer and I’m listening to people chat about NFT’s on Clubhouse ( I’m @okse if you’d like to follow me)

I’ve been creating digital art for 28 years, that’s a long time eh…if you ever used 3d studio on Dos you’re like,me…well old!

Peoples opinions have changed about digital art, no longer do they prefix “digital drawing” with the words “Oh, it’s just a”

NFT’s have changed that.

I’m now going to explain what I’ve learned about them, if you see ** sandwiching a word write it down and give it a google.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.

An NFT allows you to mint a piece of digital art and that allows you to securely sell that digital art and store records of ownership on the *BlockChain*.

The great thing about NFT’s is that you can sell a digital piece of art to Collector A and if they were to sell that piece to Collector B in the future you will get a percentage on the sale, this percentage is determined by you at the initial minting stage. If Collector B sells to Collector C you will get automatically get sent Money to your *Crypto Wallet* it’s like royalties forever. If anything was ever going to happen to me, I would pass my wallet to my son. Hopefully, that won't happen for a long time.

“But Okse, surely anyone can just screengrab your images print them out, and claim that they own them?”

But they won’t will they, I can print off an image of the Mona Lisa and hang it on my wall, but it’s not the real one, it’s a copy as we all know the original is hanging in the Louvre in Paris.

The NFT is a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

So how does an artist benefit from all this NFT stuff?

I am a published artist, many years ago I was with one of the biggest fine art publishers in the UK. We worked together, it was fun, then we parted. Having a publisher was great, but you’re always having to second guess what collectors wanted.

With NFT’s I feel that I don’t have to do that, I can create whatever I want, stuff that I enjoy and get excited about, and if people don’t like it they won't buy it, but there will be people who want to join me on this journey and if you are one of them “Hiya! Buckle up”

Being able to put ownership on a piece is brilliant too and to be able to say I created that back in such and such a date is brilliant. I with NFT’s were about 24th June 2016… but that’s another story #okseb4banksy

Browsing Clubhouse and Twitter it amazes me how supportive people are to each other, no one is putting each other down it’s like we all want to rise up together.

I will be dropping NFT’s very soon once I get my works together, I’m very excited.

If you want to follow me I’m on the following social media.

I look forward to connecting with you…yes, even you too.
Clubhouse : @okse

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